59 Travel Tips To Know Before You Visit Italy: My BEST Italy Travel Tips You Don’t Want To Miss!


59 Travel Tips To Know Before You Visit Italy: My BEST Italy Travel Tips You Don’t Want To Miss!


And if you’re in Naples, look for restaurants with the Pizza Vera sign hanging above the door. This means that it has the certification of the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana, the regulatory body that determines whether the establishment adheres to Neapolitan traditions. I’m glad to know that like me, you love Italy to come back 3 times and probably have more trips planned for the future. Yes, each region has its small differences, especially when it comes to food. But breakfast is still relatively light and fast, as they leave room for a big lunch and then rip in the afternoon. Italy is undoubtedly our favorite destination in Europe and I long to return after completing the other places we haven’t visited yet.

I think it’s safer to take an UBER or MyTaxiApp that have fixed rates and also allow you to use your credit card, while many taxis only accept cash. Italy is full of carbohydrates that are almost inevitable. It is a country that survives on pasta, cheese and bread. Try to balance that with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables that are readily available and affordable in markets. But let yourself enjoy yourself a little if you can.

But even here, there are things to take into account. Avoid restaurants with large menus that cater to tourists; You won’t find authentic pizzas here. Look for smaller family businesses that carefully cook each dish.

Some of my favorite Italian dishes are the ones I tried at a market. Don’t be afraid to leave the tourist trail and try something new and different. Most major cities in Italy require you to pay a tourist tax separately from your bill and sometimes it is paid in cash.

We give advice on what and where to eat and drink around the world. Then we bring home what we learn with tips on how to eat and drink well at home and how to make cooking easier. Most tourists visiting Italy end up looking for spaghetti Bolognese to try the Italian version. Along with spaghetti and meatballs, spaghetti bolognese is an American invention. Unfortunately, you will find plenty of restaurants serving spaghetti Bolognese, but inside you will not find Any Italians, you will find tourists, so keep walking. The best way to do this is to have an unlocked smartphone and a local SIM card.

I wish I had this message when we were planning our first trip. It’s not just pizza and pasta that are flourishing in Italy. It is the regional culinary kingpins that dominate the tables of the different regions.

It allows you to explore the hidden gems in big cities like Pisa or Florence. In addition, by car you can explore the Italian countryside, villages, smaller towns and wineries where there are no trains. From the history of Rome to the winding canals Treno rosso del Bernina of Venice, Italy is home to some of the world’s most popular monuments. Not surprisingly, Italy is at the top of most travelers’ wish lists. This post tells you everything I wish I knew before visiting any of my favorite countries in Europe.

So my first of 10 tips before visiting Italy is to choose trains. Ecological, punctually cost effective and super easy to navigate! The most popular train routes are Frecciarossa, Trenitalia and Trenord. Especially in the summer, people gather and spend more time in bars. If you visit your local bar several times a day, you’ll find yourself making friends with other “regulars.”