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Can I Get A Cremation And A Visit?

Wooden boxes have a dignified appearance that emphasizes the finish used in their manufacture. The prices of wooden boxes vary depending on the type of wood used, the type of finish and the interior materials. At DeBord Snyder Funeral Home & Crematory, Inc., you can choose from a wide selection of colors, finishes, and customization features, making our metal cases an attractive option.

We add a variety of features that define the perfect scene, color, or style. Many of our custom wooden urns intended to represent a miniature item are an accurate representation and some work as intended. When memories are all that is left for loved ones, high standards are a requirement.

My mother passed away recently and in her will she stated that she wanted to be cremated and have her ashes scattered around her favorite park in the mountains. It would be great if we could find a reputable company that provides cremation services so we can honor my mother one last time. There are different types of walnut wood from which our urns are made, depending on the manufacturer. A dark wood, most American walnut grows with a straight grain or a very distinctive and highly figurative grain. Both types of grain result in a beautiful finished product and you can see if a particular wooden urn is made with straight grain nut or variable grain nut by zooming in on a photo on an urn’s product page.

If the body is cremated, the body must be placed in a crematicist, sometimes called an “alternative container” that will eventually be burned. A typical casket can function as a crematicist, but not all, there are certain requirements for a crematicist. Usually, the box should not have large metal elements, only small metal parts are accepted. A traditional casket will also be more expensive than a crematicist.

I like that you said that families have enough time to decide what to do with the ashes after cremating the body. My aunt passed away this month and my family is having a hard time planning the funeral. I think cremating his body would give us enough time to plan a funeral thoroughly. I loved how you talked about the fact that cremation is considered more environmentally friendly compared to funerals.

Families love to create a design that surrounds a loved one in an environment with their favorite things. Our custom process involves a mockup that families can see before the wood is pressed directly. The result is a perfect finish that will please urn for ashes and comfort anyone who sees it. Because we have so many wooden urns to choose from, we love to showcase some of our customers’ favorites. We are always looking for the latest trends and ways to get to know families in their time of mourning.