Huarui Sofa Glass LED Screen Focus On Transparent LED Screen And LED Glass Art AuroLED


Huarui Sofa Glass LED Screen Focus On Transparent LED Screen And LED Glass Art AuroLED


If the big game is going on and half of the customers can barely understand what’s going on, they’ll leave and go somewhere else. As you’d probably expect, one of the most compelling benefits of anti-reflective coatings is… By counteracting specific wavelengths of light through state-of-the-art AR technology, reflections and reflections on LED displays are minimized so significantly that users cannot see themselves on their electronic devices.

In this modern era of digital signage, these screens are very energy efficient. It has surpassed advertising media such as incandescent bulbs, non-transparent LED screens and LCD projection. Transparent LED screens are very bright and can therefore be seen even in broad daylight. The product is lightweight, easy to install led screens and does not require complex supporting steel structures, which can save a lot of installation costs. The pixel density on these screens is very high, which ensures high-quality and realistic results on the screen. These screens do not require air conditioning due to the low heat production and are best for remote viewing.

Unless you have an unlimited budget to spend on monthly utility bills, energy efficiency is important to you. Compared to an incandescent lamp, which converts only 10% of the electrical energy used into light, an LED converts 90%. Apply those percentages to the number of kilowatt hours on your electric bill and you can see that the savings add up quickly. According to the Internet Advertising Bureau, a message is not visible to consumers unless at least half of the banner is on the screen for at least one second.

Due to the difference in point distance, the light transmittance of the transparent LED display can reach about 50-90%. The perspective effect ensures that the glass retains the lighting perspective function and the LED lamps are barely visible from a distance, so that the lighting of the glass curtain wall is not affected. Transparent LED screens can be used in banks, shopping malls, theaters, chain stores, hotels, municipal public buildings, monumental buildings, office buildings, etc.

High-quality LED lamp beads are resistant to high temperatures, have high brightness and also durability, which will improve the satisfaction of your customers. ●When you play a video ad, the displayed portion of the content lights up and the rest of the content stops working. As you know, the main advantage of the transparent LED screen is its high aesthetics, even in the smallest details, including the overall screen. Designed to provide participants with a completely different experience, the transparent LED display is always a potential candidate to meet almost all standards. Launch event new product line, brand promotion, branch anniversary, v.v. In terms of maintenance, all parts of the LED display can be maintained, for example, power supply, receipt cards, LED modules and cables, with the magnets connected to the modules on the back of the LED.

According to the standard of the pixel step of the project, you can use the default module size to split on the corresponding large screen. Transparent LED module design and simple support structure make the structure of the large screen clearer and more transparent. In addition, the transparent display also helps to share information and advertise certain products. Airports also use these screens to promote other businesses waiting for travelers to see.

● The transparent LED display does not require additional heat dissipation equipment due to its high transparency, absence of noise, low power consumption and other good performance, which allows the wind to dissipate heat naturally. ▸ Multiple combinations of playback information can provide beautiful displays and personalized rich information content. Creative material: Videos, image ads, Flash, subtitles, and other items appear on a transparent screen in partitions. The transparent LED display is small in size and does not take up any space.