The Sparkling Magic of Man-Made Diamonds in Auckland

When it comes to diamonds, the sparkle and luster are enough to make them irresistible. They can make you feel like you’re the center of attention and a symbol of true love – and they have the power to bring out the best in a partner.

But they also have a dark side that can make some people feel uneasy. The mining process, which has long been controversial, can damage the environment and put people’s lives at risk in remote regions of the world. And it’s not just in mining countries, either: even small-scale mining is often associated with conflict.

That’s why, when it comes to buying diamonds, it’s important to know what you’re getting into. Some jewellers use inscriptions on their rings to tell customers whether a stone is natural or man-made. Others utilise a technique called spectroscopy to determine the authenticity of a diamond.

This is done by sending non-ionizing radiation (radiation that is not harmful to humans) to the diamond. The machines then display the results and allow analysis based on the wavelengths outputted by the radiation.

Lab-Grown Diamonds Are Better Eco-Friendly

They produce much less carbon emissions than mined diamonds – and some companies claim they have even reduced their carbon footprints by up to 98%.

While the process itself hasn’t been perfected, many lab-grown diamond suppliers have come up with a way to reduce the amount of energy used and chemical emissions produced. However, the processes still involve huge amounts of energy and a significant amount of water.

There’s no question that man made diamonds Auckland are more expensive than natural ones, but finding high-quality gems at a reasonable price is possible. And because they’re so affordable, you can choose from a range of carat weights, shapes and sizes.

Clean Origins

Founded by Alexander Weindling, a former executive of his family’s natural diamond company, Clean Origins exclusively sells ethically sourced, eco-friendly laboratory-grown diamonds. Their team has a minimum of five years experience in the industry to ensure they’re knowledgeable on all aspects of lab-grown diamonds.

Holloway Diamonds

Garry Holloway, the owner of two Holloway Diamonds stores in Canterbury and Brighton, is a master at cutting and grading. He believes in the value of lab-grown diamonds but says they can confuse customers if sold alongside naturally mined stones.

“The difference is that a lab-grown diamond is not as pure in the carbon structure. It can contain trace elements that may affect its coloured properties,” Lee says.

But he says manmade diamonds Sydney are the most environmentally friendly option.

And because they are essentially created in a lab, they can be made to any size and shape, which makes them a great choice for custom ethical engagement rings.

For those interested in a truly unique piece, bespoke jewelry makers can offer a completely handcrafted diamond engagement ring made with a lab-grown diamond from Brilliant Earth.

Choosing an Ethically Sourced Diamond

The best thing about lab-grown diamonds is that they are ethically sourced and come with a certificate of authenticity to back it up. They are less costly than traditional mined diamonds, but they’re also environmentally sustainable and have a smaller carbon footprint.

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