10 Classic Vodka Cocktail Recipes That You Can Mix At Home


10 Classic Vodka Cocktail Recipes That You Can Mix At Home


If the only vodka cocktails you make are the long balls or riffs in Bloody Mary and the martini, you’re missing the bright, refreshing taste possible with vodka drinks. In many of the cocktail recipes below, the usually neutral taste of the mind helps fresh citrus and others produce shine. If you are looking for a spicy drink, ginger or the perfect cosmopolitan, you will find the recipe in our collection of vodka recipes. We also have some fun twists in your favorite tomato-based brunch drink and an easy creamy Russian white for a good measure.

This simple classic is one of the bloodiest ways to enjoy the mind, with just a dash of dry vermouth and a little orange bitterness to enhance the taste. Shake, without shaking, the ice ingredients help maintain the silky smooth liquid. Serve in a cold glass and garnish with a simple hint of lemon. But this drink from the professional bar Kim Haasarud lives up to the first part of his name with citrus and berry flavors, plus festive pink champagne. To do this, mix raspberries and mint leaves with corn syrup, then add vodka and lemon juice with citrus flavor and add the pink champagne at the top.

It is an easy to drink vodka cocktail that is light and refreshing. Pour vodka on vodka gifts for her ice in a high glass. Add mixed lime and water, stir until dissolved and serve.

This smash vodka cocktail is all about broken fruit and ice! It is spicy and refreshing, with tangled berries, mint and lime. It is spicy, sweet and has a bit of vodka flavor in the background. Vodka tonic is an easy highball cocktail with two ingredients and a beautiful lime flavor! This variation in Gin & Tonicis is less about alcohol and more about citrus bubbles. Gin is botanical and the drink advances, but vodka melts directly into the tonic water.

When it comes to a simple, refreshing and easy cocktail, it’s hard to beat a vodka tonic. With that in mind, we’ve put together some of the best vodka cocktail recipes, from mules to creative mixed drinks and the legendary martini. With unique flavors and easy-to-follow recipes, getting out of a cocktail routine has never been easier, so try these fun cocktails that every vodka drinker will love. Combine Smirnoff vodka, triple sec, fresh lime juice and cranberry juice in a medium sized shaker filled with ice cubes. Shake well and sieve in an ice-cold cocktail glass.

Let the mixture steep for 20 minutes. Sift the tea bags and the orange peel. Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

Although relatively new in the beverage scene, hard seltzers have become hugely popular, replacing Vodka Soda as an easy ride from the beach to the bar. But with vodka, Cherry Heering, Benedictine, lemon juice and sparkling water is more advanced and certainly tastier than canned things. Sieve in a martini glass and decorate with an apple slice. You have fruity vodka cocktails like Bay Breeze, stylish drinks like Gimlet and Cosmo, spicy like Bloody Mary and intriguing like endless kinds of martinis. These mixed vodka drinks must be in all enthusiastic repertoires. Try these 2 vodka drinks with ingredients.

Decorate the glasses with the gingerbread rounds. My first choice when it comes to vodka cocktails at any time of the year, the Moscow Mule is still refreshing when the temperature starts to rise. It’s so simple that you really don’t need a prescription: just nail the gingerbread beer with vodka and squeeze half a lime.