6 Tips To Keep In Mind Before Buying Your First Luxury Bag


6 Tips To Keep In Mind Before Buying Your First Luxury Bag


But it can be difficult to know what is real and what is not, in the world of second-hand fashion. Luxury designer bags tend to retain their value in the used market very well. And that’s just a design website and an auction: the counterfeit industry is known to thrive in removing the best designer brands and selling counterfeits on auction sites. And while there are real bags on auction sites, the hassle of arranging counterfeits and the risk of ending a fake is hardly worth it.

Usually these come in the form of simple camera bags or bags, which have the added benefit of being super useful to have around. Have you ever spent a significant amount on an “investment piece” and thought it was worth it?? Especially if you are not familiar with the brand or its quality.

While second-hand designer bags are priced more reasonably than a new one, trust your instinct when you say the price is suspiciously low. Do not throw away a second-hand bag that is slightly worn; see this as an opportunity. They can be more affordable because they are not perfect, but you can generally check louis vuitton clean and repair them and still pay significantly less than the sales price. I always suggest you do some research before you float online – research designer bags and styles to determine which brands match your sense of style. If your style is more classic, look for a vintage Chanel or Kate Spade bag.

What part of your personality do you want to share with the world?? Look at the color and overall design of the bag you plan to buy. A black cupcake bag or a brown leather bag works well with most color palettes.

Now let’s discuss the biggest advantage of online shopping, DISCOUNTS! Come Black Friday, we are bombarded with discount codes and offers, and it is not just for the taste of ASOS and Topshop. Over the years, these discounts have been extended to luxury retailers such as Net-A-Porter, LuisaViaRoma, MyTheresa, Selfridges and much more. I know that the Black Friday only rolls once a year, but luckily for us we now receive discounts all year round, so if you are looking for a designer bag, here comes tip number one… The best way to get closer to buying designer bags is to start your research for the online economy. Buy a reliable resale in which you know that the items they list are verified for their quality and condition.

The patent leather also shows scratches that are easier than structured leather. These are things to keep in mind when buying your designer bag and learning about your lifestyle. This only matters if you plan to sell your designer bag later. I tend to use a lot of consignment stores to resell my designer pieces because I like to keep updating my closet and lose the things I’m tired of. I am usually flexible in this, because I prefer to pay more for something I love and will take longer than saving, even substantial, which I don’t like and won’t use that much. However, I still have an idea of the maximum I want to spend.

Discover the original prices of the bags that you like to take into account when looking at the prices used. While most used bags may have reduced rates, some items may charge significant markings. This situation occurs when the bag you want is a limited edition number or very difficult to obtain when it was first launched. There is a certain appeal that draws some people to designer bags. It could be the design, the materials or just the name that screams and screams, “Buy me!”However, it is undeniable that these design items also require a premium that not everyone can afford.”. Both Ray and Chen Wu agree that while you need to take care of your bag, it is also important to love and carry it.