Choosing the Perfect Toilet For Your Bathroom

When looking to purchase a toilet for your bathroom there are many things to consider, initially a few of the most important things is size, style, color and function. But also remember the financial implications. Depending on the style of your house putting a really expensive one in your bathroom may not be a smart move. You may not see the return on investment when you go to sell the house.

Size Of Your Toilet

Getting the right width, depth and height is important. If you have a small bathroom getting a toilet that is too big can really make the small room look even smaller. Most people feel like an elongated toilet is much more comfortable but if you have a rather small bathroom having a round toilet can save a lot of space.

Elongated toilets measure about 30-32 inches from the wall, while a standard round toilet extends out about 28 inches. Not a huge difference but enough to be noticeable. If you are looking for an elongated toilet, I highly recommend Toto Elongated Toilets, they are high quality and well respected within the industry.

The height is also important, standard toilets come in a 14 inch height, but for taller people a toilet 16 inches or so is much more comfortable. But if you have or are planning to have children they may struggle with the taller toilet. One other advantage of taller toilets is for older people and people that have some issues getting off a standard toilet having the 토토사이트 slightly higher means it is easier to get off of. While this is a feature that really is only needed by a small percentage of the population it is really helpful.

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