Color Your Dragon


Color Your Dragon


An interesting facet of the dragon world is that the color of the dragon represents the type, personality and symbolism of each dragon. The main รีวิวเกมสล็อตออนไลน์ colors are red, blue, green, purple, silver, bronze, black, white and gold.

For instance, the color purple has long been associated with royalty in our world and it is so with the purple dragons. They place themselves above others, as does royalty. On the other hand they try to please others and maybe this is why ‘Puff The Magic Dragon” was purple. Who knows?

Red. Now this color is highly symbolic of passion and love, strong emotions; and red oftentimes represents blood and fire which can be fearsome events. So the red dragon is very high on the totem pole of dragons. It is not surprising that the red dragons would be the ones which spew fire.

Blue dragons reflect what the color represents; coldness and a sullen personality trait. Water and ice are associated with the color blue. These dragons are really quite calm and peaceful unless they are of the sea. The blue sea serpents are the bane of the ships on the sea and a great danger to all.

Mean and evil and they represent chaos. How appropriate that these dragons are black. Black is the color of evil as we all know. The people who live near to the black dragons hate them fiercely because they are deceptive and only out for themselves.

You would expect white dragons would be the opposite of the black dragons. After all, they are extremely wise and righteous, but are they really? Well, not totally it seems, because they never quite tell the entire truth, always holding back a little. So, they are somewhat evil themselves.

When we think of the earth, we most often associate the color green with it. Green dragons are symbolic ot the earth, vegetation and nature in general. They rule over nature and all of its forces, good and bad; earhquakes, all growth and all changes on the earth. These are the acid spitters and the people eaters!

In the hierarchy of dragondom, gold dragons are the royals, the kings and queens over all. The ones who are the royals are good and fair to all, but this is not so for the others. If they are not kings or queens, the gold dragons are greedy and hoard all sorts of treasures in gold and jewels.

These are the main colors of dragons although there are other more minor ones. it should be noted here that most of what I have covered in this article has been about the Western dragons. The Eastern dragons of the same colors can have quite different personalities and traits as their Western counterparts of the same color.

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