How to Hide Instagram Post or Story from Someone Without Blocking or Unfollowing Them?


How to Hide Instagram Post or Story from Someone Without Blocking or Unfollowing Them?


Being one of the most popular social media platforms of the modern era, Instagram keeps updating features making it easier to manage your privacy. There is now an option that lets you hide your story from someone in particular without blocking him or her. You can also hide someone’s posts or stories from your Instagram wall without having to unfollow them.

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This is a rather neat trick in a way. The person you are hiding your story from or hiding their story from your wall will not even know you have done so. This feature makes managing your posts or wall much easier in many cases. You can also save Instagram Posts, Videos, Stories, and Pictures in Your Gallery. You can save with Instagram story Viewer who can allow you to do this free of cost and anonymously. Here are some important things to know when looking for How to Hide a Post on Instagram:

Hiding Someone’s Posts or Stories On Instagram

We all have that someone who posts those unwanted pictures or videos on their Instagram profiles. You simply don’t want to see such posts that might offend you or someone else in their entirety. However, at times, you prefer not to unfollow the owner of that particular Instagram account. You can do the following:

  • When you see a post that you don’t want on your Instagram feed, you can either hide it from your feed or go into that person’s profile
  • Have that particular post opened up on your Instagram app on IOS or Android
  • In case of IOS, click on the three horizontal dots menu on the right edge of the post and in case of Android, do the same for the vertical three dots menu
  • In all the options popping up, there will be an option showing ‘Mute’
  • Clicking that ‘Mute’ option, you will be shown three other options:
    • Mute Posts
    • Mute Posts and Stories
    • Cancel
  • Select Mute Posts if you only want to hide their posts from your feed. Go for Mute Posts and Stories if you want to hide both
  • This way, you will never see any post or story posted by that particular Instagram account.

Hide An Instagram Account from Your Feed

You can also do this by having a specific Instagram profile opened up. This will provide you an extra option of only hiding that particular account’s story from your feed. To do this:

  • Click on that particular Instagram account and have it opened on your Smartphone app
  • Click the three vertical dots menu in case of Android and three horizontal dots menu in case of IOS at the top right corner
  • In the options that pop up, you will see one that says ‘Mute’
  • Clicking that ‘Mute’ option, you will get:
    • Mute Posts
    • Mute Story
    • Mute Posts and Story
    • Cancel
  • With this, you can only mute their story and let their posts through if that’s what you prefer.

Unmuting or Unhiding Instagram Accounts or Posts

When you Hide Instagram Post from Someone into your feed, you will still be able to view their accounts. You don’t have to unfollow to mute and by searching from your search menu or going into people who you follow, you can find their profiles. From there, you can also unhide or unmute their account and their posts or stories with it.

Simply follow the above-mentioned process but click on ‘Unmute’ rather than ‘Mute’. You will allow muted profiles to show up posts on your feed again by unmuting.

Hiding Your Story from Someone

If you are a regular story poster, there will be people or accounts you would want to hide your story from. Fortunately, this is also possible in Instagram’s updated app on both IOS and Android. To do this:

  • Pull up the account you want to hide your Instagram story from
  • Click on the three dots vertical or horizontal menu for Android and IOS respectively to open up the options
  • There, you will see an option that reads ‘Hide Your Story’. Click on it and you will see another popup. Click on ‘Hide’ from there and the person will not see your stories anymore

The person you hide your stories from will not know you have done so. Even when they go into your profile and are able to see your posts, your stories will still be hidden from them.

Following the same step but clicking on ‘Unhide Your Story’, you can allow that account to view your story again. This way, you will always have complete control over who sees your posts and stories or whose you see. This can be very important for some people who don’t want to see certain types of content on their walls. If you want to hide your stories from a previous friend or someone close, this can be really helpful as well. Just remember, all this can be done without unfollowing or blocking the account in question. And also, hiding from an account or hiding it from you can also be undone rather easily as well.

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