Snow Removal Tips For The Winter

Consult your doctor: if your snow removal method is snow plow or shovel, this is especially important. These two methods put great pressure on your heart and you should always consult a healthcare provider before participating in these activities. If you don’t train regularly or if you have existing medical conditions, it may be helpful to consider hiring someone else to remove your snow. There is always a neighboring boy looking for spades and making a few extra dollars.

Let the water seep into the foundation and cause damage, erode the soil, and even flood your home. That is why it is so important to keep the snow at least 3 to 5 feet away from your home and make sure there is a safe place for the water to drain. Also, it’s much easier to shovel 2 inches instead of 5, so stay on top of snowfall to keep accumulations and back injuries from rising.

And if you are an owner or tenant, you can never assume that the other person is responsible for snow removal. The most efficient and effective means of removing snow is physical removal, whether it be shoveling, plowing or blowing snow. Make sure to clean the snow so that your driveway and sidewalks are not too strong or too deep to handle.

– If your snow plow freezes, stop the engine and wait at least 10 seconds. Make sure to keep your hands and feet free from all moving parts. Use a sturdy object to remove compacted wet snow or dirt from the slope. Never use your hands or feet to clear a blockage, the jammed jacks and boosters may have enough belt strain to cause serious injury to the hands and feet. Be more careful and be aware of the engine and blade kickback after turning off the fan. Make sure you know exactly where the drain is before you need it.

Watch out for flashlights on the street and along the road. Whether a snow plow operator cleans the streets or clears a driveway, you should always be wearing your flash lights. Always look twice: reversal is considered a permanent part of snow removal by most snow plow operators. Never Chicago Ice Melt rely solely on mirrors, always turn around and look in the direction you are driving. Some team operators enjoy the extra view of rear observation systems. These are not a substitute for really looking where you are going, but these systems provide a better view where your mirrors fail.